Black Label Gourmet Organic Roasted Seaweed Snack 4.5g x 16

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The only organic roasted seaweed in Olive Oil! Not just olive oil, but Spanish olive oil. Other brands use sunflower oil, corn oil, canola oil. Not good quality olive oil like Black Label Gourmet. So why pick black label? The 2-tone packing helps to explain it. Black represents seaweed and white represents salt. This demonstrates their principle to exclude everything else from their product besides seaweed, salt and olive oil. The number 1 selling organic seaweed brand on Amazon USA – now available in Australia!


Seaweed (organic laver from Seocheon)

Organic lavers are carefully selected from Seocheon region in Korea. Unlike most of the other seaweed products, our lavers are cultivated in accordance with organic farming and harvesting methods and do not go through chemical treatments.


Salt (natural sun-dried sea salt from Sinan)

Sinan sea salt is globally recognized as a high quality salt and it contains twice as much potassium as and three times as much magnuesium as Guérande salt of France. This sea salt is baked at 800℃ and converted into a pure alkali salt and this results in healthy and delicate flavor of Black Label Gourmet.

Oil (organic olive oil from Spain)  

 We’ve carefully selected organic olive oil from Spain, Greece, and Tunisea in order to complete the top-notch savory flavor of Black Label Gourmet


Organic Seaweed, organic olive oil, sea salt 

How To Use

You can use Black Label Gourmet seaweed as a snack, eating it straight from the pack. Or, you can use it as a side with your food for eg sprinkle a bit over your rice.  

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