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Dead Sea Salt Pouch - Fine

Dead Sea Salt Pouch - Coarse Best choice for Grinders


A 100% natural salt, evaporated and packed on the same day without additives, chemicals or bleaching. Dead Sea salt has a natural very white colour, because it is sourced from an inland sea 417 meters below sea level, with 10 times the salt concentration of normal oceans.

Dead Sea salt also contains a variety of minerals such as magnesium, sodium, calcium, potassium and bromine at concentrations up to 10 times higher than in other sea salts, all this from a from a sea with no oil tankers, so your salt is as clean as it can get.

The Dead Sea salt shaker is great for the dinner table with an adjustable lid for a shake or pour or a sprinkle.


What Makes This Product Organic

As salt is classified as a “natural product” it theoretically cannot be certified organic. In fact under organic rules we believe that no salt should be certified as organic although they can as this salt is be considered pure enough to be used for organic foods.

Our natural table salt comes from the only salt works for table salt at the Dead Sea and offers a unique table salt with a natural and aromatic taste for a healthy diet.


Suitable For:

vegan, gluten free, lactose free diets.



One shaker is 225g



Salt, with trace minerals


How To Use?

Can be substituted with any other salt used.




Q. How is Salt from the Dead Sea different from other Salt?

  • A. The salt concentration in the Dead Sea amounts to 33-34% compared to only 3-4% in the Mediterranean and 3% in the oceans.  The salt evaporates quickly is clean and full of minerals.


  •  The Dead Sea contains a variety of natural minerals, in high concentrations, fed by underground mineral springs.
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