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Organic Lemon Oil

Organic Lime/Mandarin Oil


Like our Organic Lemon Oil, Mandarin and Lime oils, Organic Orange oil is a wonderfully versatile product. The aroma, taste and bitterness of organically grown Mediterranean oranges are concentrated in this oil. Lecker’s organic orange oil is cold pressed from the orange peel where all the delicious flavours are found.

Lecker’s organic orange oil is completely different to using orange juice. To start you can use Organic Orange Oil for baking, salad dressings, tea, wherever you want orange flavour. Lecker’s oils are concentrated so work out to be better value than a fresh orange each time you cook, and to make cooking easy they come in little vials for quick and handy kitchen use.

What Makes This Product Organic

It is made from organic oranges that come from organic farming. Certified by Eco-Cert (the leading European Certification body)

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Suitable For:

Organic, vegan, gluten, lactose free diets 



One unit is 4 x 2ml individually sealed vials



Pure organic cold-pressed orange oil from organic farming.


How to Use

You can add orange oil to your wet cake mix to reduce the amount of zest you need to use, or replace the zest entirely. The recipes are really up to you, you can add 2 drops to your salad dressing, or 2 drops to your tea.

 It is based on individual taste.

Usually you would use 2-4 drops in a recipe.

For tea – 2 drops

For salad dressing – 2 drops

For cakes 2-4 drops

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